About us.

We're Simon & Pete, we founded Viking's Mane back in September 2019. 

We have been friends for a long time, having worked closely together for the best part of a decade in our day jobs.   

The idea of Vikings Mane was born over a simple cup of coffee, which led to many more coffees. I (Simon) had been looking to do something outside the day job. On a more than weekly basis we would meet to moan about our day job, put the world to rights and drink coffee. Every time we met I would be throwing ideas at Pete.

I'd had a beard for over 6 years by that time and used a load of beard care products so thought, I'll have a go at making some of my own. When we met on that day in September I spoke about the idea of making and selling these products, Pete's immediate reply was "GO FOR IT", "STOP SAYING YOU'RE GOING TO DO IT AND GO FOR IT". So I said "LETS GO HALVES" and Pete agreed without hesitation. That's where we began, a coffee in my kitchen.

We're slowly growing and getting to grips with all the tasks and commitments that come with running a small business. But we're loving it and want to grow this small brand into something huge!! We have loads of product ideas that we're testing and will be released in the near future. 

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Thanks for reading.  

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