Patchy Beard: Inconsistent beard Development and what to do with it 

Patchy Beard: Inconsistent beard Development and what to do with it 

PATCHY Facial hair: Sketchy Whisker Development AND WHAT TO DO ABOUT IT

Why is your beard patchy? The main answers to this question are Timing, age and hereditary qualities.

Beards take time. After you to begin growing your beard, give it at least a month before you think you have got a patchy beard. The reality is that we all have patches in our beard during the first month (or three).


Patchy beard after a month? This is often a normal thing. Parts of your beard grow at differing rates. If you've been growing your beard for three to four months and still see patches patches, don’t stress, there's still time. You may find that an inconsistent beard in the first month will develop into a glorious full beard by the fourth month. Have patience and stick with it. 

The things we have no control over.......

Age. It's not until most men reach the age of 35 that they realise their full beard potential.  So those of you out there who are under 35, give it time, you haven't reached your full potential yet! Lots of men go through their 20s thinking they can’t develop a full beard. Then they hit their 30s and all of a sudden they have a magnificent beard. Most men begin developing facial hair in their teenage years but that individual with a full beard in their teens is an outlier, not the rule.  

Genetics. Some of us are born with more beard hair follicles. The more follicles, the thicker the beard. Aside from surgery, there's nothing you'll do to increase how many hair follicles you have. So, like your height, this can be completely out of your control and isn't worth your stressing over. 

Seven things you CAN to do with a patchy beard

1. Give it time. Give yourself at least three months to grow

2. Trim to highlight your strong points

3. Use sleep, diet and exercise to boost natural beard growth

4. Groom it.


1. Give it time.

Allow your beard the time it needs to develop. Beards grow around half an inch per month. But not all of your follicles grow at the same pace. So one follicle might develop half an inch, another might not appear to grow at all. So after a month (or three) your facial hair may seem patchy in spots but don't stress, at this point there's no reason to think that those spots won't fill in.

2. Beard trim

You'vebeen growing your beard for a few months and still see patches. What to do? doing It is time to trim. By trimming back the faster growing areas you can allow the slower growers to catch up. A more symmetrical look can help take away focus from the slower growing parts of your beard. 

3. A healthy lifestyle can benefit many aspects of life, including your beard. 

Hormones are a big factor in beard growth. Improving your lifestyle can help boost your hormones and boost your beard growth. A balanced diet full of fruit, veg and a mix of healthy meats, will be a massive benefit to your overall health and your beard. Regular sessions involving resistance training will develop your muscles but also boost your testosterone levels afterwards. One of the things that testosterone does in our bodies is plays a part in the development of hair. So naturally boosting this hormone will also boost your beard. Get enough sleep! Our bodies, repair and grow during sleep, so getting enough will allow you to proerpk recover from a good gym session but also allow your beard to grow. Take care of yourself and the beard will follow. 

4. Give your beard the care it deserves. 

Developing a beard brings with it the challenge of keeping it groomed. Use a beard wash and quality beard oil to soften and condition your beard. Then a quality beard balm to style and further lock in the nourishment. Comb and brush your beard twice a day to remove dead hairs, distribute beard products and stimulate blood flow to the area, aiding growth. 

When it comes to beard products you get what you pay for. High quality natural ingredients that will benefit your beard and the skin underneath aren't cheap. If you opt for a cheaper product, the chances are thet they are using poorer quality oils, which are lacking the nutrients and functionality that your beard needs. 

Ultimately your beard is what you make it. Grow what you have. Most will give up after a few months. But for those of you who stick with it you'll end up bearded for life. So grow it thick, trim back the faster growing parts, let your beard enhance your look and confidence. You may find that your goal to grow a better beard may better your entire life. 

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