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You might be new to the world of beard growing or a battle hardened veteran, but at some point your beard is going to itch or feel uncomfortable. Here are a few reasons why;

  1. New growth

When you first grow your beard there is always the three-week itch. It is at this point that your stubble is long enough to curl over and start to dig into your face. The act of shaving cuts your beard hairs at an angle, so when the hairs grow out the sharp ends can dig into you skin, causing that unmistakable itch.

  1. Dry skin under your beard

Your beard needs moisture, so as it grows out it takes some moisture away from the skin underneath.

  1. Dry beard hair

Shampoos and soaps are great for cleaning your hair and skin. But something they also do is strip away the natural oils. Facial hair is always coarser than that of your head, so it needs the natural oils to maintain moisture. By removing these with shampoo and soaps it leaves your beard and the skin underneath dry.

  1. Beardruff

Flaky skin around your itchy beard, beard dandruff. Just like your scalp, the skin under your beard can be affected by this issue. You can combat it with a good beard care routine.

  1. Brittle beard

If your beard looks dull and frizzy and you notice hair breakage, there may be a problem with your grooming routine. If you have a poorly made beard comb, it may be snagging your hair and causing breakages.  




Now that I’ve outlined some of the causes here are some tips to help prevent that itch;

1. Stay hydrated

Dry skin is one of the main causes of beard itch. One of the main ways that you can help prevent it is to drink plenty of water. If you are hydrated, your skin will be hydrated and so will your beard. Staying hydrated will also come with a number of other health benefits.  

2. Groom with care

Wash your beard no more than three times a week, you want a clean beard but need to leave those naturally occurring oils do their thing. If you use a heated comb to style or dry your beard with a hair dryer apply some good quality beard oil before, this will protect the hairs and prevent them scorching under heat. Use a quality beard comb to prevent snagging or breakages.

3. Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize

High quality beard oils, balms and butters are the key here. These will properly moisturize your beard, mimicking the natural oils produced by your skin. Apply beard oil daily and work down into the skin under your beard. Then apply a beard balm or butter, further conditioning your beard hair and locking in the moisture.

 These steps will help you grow a thick, healthy, soft and nourished beard that will be the envy of any man you meet.   

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